Baffled By BluRays... Clear Advice PLEASE :)

Good afternoon everyone.  Thanks in advance for your practical suggestions.  Before I get started, a few things…

  1. English is not my first language; apologies for any peculiarities.

  2. I am SURE this is a highly redundant question, but finding a simple, straightforward answer by searching is causing me a headache.  So I thought I would ask the specific question for my situation and see if we can find a clear cut, if not easy, solution.

I have a new Generation 2 WDTV Live.  I am reading media from a windows file server via a wired gigabit connection.  DVD ISO files are playing fine from this source.  BluRay ISO files are NOT playing well, in that they begin stuttering after a minute or so.  Video stutters and sound drops out.  This also seems to be an issue if I convert to losless MKV with AC3 sound via ByteCopy.  My latest failure is “The King’s Speech”.

So here is the question, which I am sure you are all tired of answering:  Is there a way to convert/rip/change a BluRay file to a format that will play via a network file source on a second generation WDTV Live, and if so, what is that process?  What software with what setting?

Thanks in advance.  Please skip the flaming.  Again, apologies for the annoying newby questions and poor language. 

  • Andy

PS - This is also an issue on a WDTV Live first generation unit. 

I use Ultra Video Converter and for Blu Ray, I normally use M2TS (MT2S). This work for me.