Bad storage error upgrading from 2Tb to 4Tb DX4000

My experience with DX4000 is reaching unparalleled levels of incompatibility between the NAS and hard disk drives. I realized the DX4000 is compatible only with a few WD drives, with lot of difficulties I managed to buy drives claimed compatible with the DX4000: WD4000F9YZ-09N20L0 (4Tb) after having tried the same drives but ending with 1 which did not work (bad storage was shown when trying the recovery).

I installed the two new 4Tb WD4000F9YZ-09N20L0 hard drives on the DX4000 and the recovery after a little while still showed BAD STORAGE. The WD support now claims that you cannot install a 4Tb drive (listed in the compatible drives) in place of the hard diks of a DX4000 sold with 2Tb drives due to firmware issues.

While I really wonder how an hardware can be designed with such limitations, my question is that whether it is really true that you cannot replace in a DX4000 sold with 2Tb hard drives, hard disks with 3 or 4 Tb compatible ones. I looked through the documents but this looks to me not reported.

thank you and regards

if you look at this listyou will notice it only shows 3 and 4tb drives in the bigger boxes.  That said I am fairly certain that WD shipped some folks 3tb drives when they had a bad 2tb.  Of course it only saw 2tb.

Indeed I was told that I could use the extremely expansive WD4000F9YZ-09N20L0 4Tb drives but only in combination with the existing 2Tb ones, and of course they would be seen as 2Tb drives. To me this is absolutely a non-sense. I could barely accept these Sentinel NAS are compatible only with a certain series of WD drives, it looks very annoying that among that you should also carefully look at a specific serial number (which of costs cost much more than the corresponding WD model you can buy everywhere).

I acccepted to pay almost double the price for an HD with that specific serial number compatible with the DX 4000, but it is unacceptable to see you cannot even upgrade from 2Tb to 4Tb hard drives. These heavy limitations should be clearly reported in the specifications, web site and manuals which is not the case.  As IT responsible in our company my experience with WD NAS is over.


FWIW that box was designed a long time ago.  The later NAS boxes are less restrictive with what hard drives are used.  Some will even use WD Red NAS drives.