Bad service

Hello every one , This krishna from M/s  Sri Vasavi Computers. Wdc say’s they are the best and they give good service.

But there are 2 no’s of Rma with me , first one which was created  a month ago and the second one 2 week’s back.

But the status of rma shows its picked up but the hard drive is along with me. And when we call the toll free number they say that the courier has picked your hard drive and i say the hard drive is with me .

The 2 RMA’s are as follows [Delete]    So its my keen request to all the users not to purchase western digital products or else you have to wait for years for the replacement .

thank you


M/s Sri Vasavi Computers,

contact no:-+919885494506


I had a faulty WD Center, it kept freezing & it would not read the update off the flashdrive. I phoned them twice for assistance & the second time when the guy couldn’t resolve the issue he put me to a Level 2 Technician. That guy logged into my computer & downloaded the update, put it onto my flashdrive, had me plug it into the media center but again it would not update. He then gave me an RMA number. When I found out how much to post it using registered mail (over $40 to Singapore) I took the unit to **bleep** Smith, where it was purchased, & they phoned about 10 days later & said I could go & get a new one; had the person who served me at **bleep** Smith known he could have replaced it on the the spot using the RMA number when I took it there.

SO I FOUND THE SERVICE TO BE EXCELLENT & I hope this bit of info helps you.

When I first visited & asked **bleep** Smith how long it would take to get a replacement the guy said 6 to 8 weeks, this was prior to phoning WD, & the guy at **bleep** Smith’s also told me it had to be sent to WD & if they can’t find anything it will be returned - I was getting totally disappointed at this stage & contemplating just buying a new one & the guy said they were having the best run with WD!!! The RMA turned it into a 10 day replacement & the person from **bleep** Smith who phoned me said it could have been done on the the spot.

When you get your replacement WD Center (or if buying a new one) be sure to register it & get the warranty extended using their site, as their warranty is from the date of manufacture which is rather disappointing. The replacement center that I got had been manufactured 2 months prior to when I got it so my warranty was listed on their site 2 months short of the 12 month warranty.