Bad service from place of purchase/ HDD questions

Hi guys, recently I had been having some issues with my NAS box (Synology 413J) which has 4x3TB RED drives installed, the problem was that one of the drives would crash no matter what bay it was in so I took it back to the place of purchase who has been running some tests on the Hard Drives/NAS box. 

With the set up of my NAS box I receive e-mail updates every time an operation is performed. Recently I received around 7 e-mails informing me that my NAS box has been improperly shut down whilst inside their workshop.

What sort of damage can this cause to my Hard Drives, especially multiple improper shut downs? 

Should I be requesting anything, like replacement drives? 

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P.S. Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong area. 

Hello, your model is not on the supported list, so that might be the problem, you can also run a test using DLG. An improper shut down can corrupt your files, so that’s not good.

@Alucardx23: Of course the model (Synology box) isn’t on the list, it isn’t a WD product. But how does it “not being on the list” make it a problem or not?

@detonation: Improper shutdowns are called improper for a reason. Something, some procedure, isn’t being done correctly. That isn’t a good thing. Improper shutdowns can cause file corruption and sometimes bad sectors.

But for us to answer your question in the detail you are expecting… We don’t have enough information to do so. I have no clue as to what the shop is doing with your NAS box. And therefore cannot speculate on what damage is being caused, if any. Maybe these improper shutdowns are part of what they do to test them? Who’s to say?

When you get your box back I would suggest you run the extended non-destructive read test on each disk. It’s the only way to gain some confidence that there are no bad sectors due to improper power-downs. And check the SMART values while you’re at it.