bad sectors on hdtun and smrtctl but no error on dashboardWD

i’m using 6 hd WD Red 2 and 4 tb in a truenas server at home. I’m migrating to seagate ironwolf…
I received a critical alert from server : 1 bad sector on first week, and increased to 2 sectors after a couple of days.
So i disconnected and did a test with WDDashboard, after 100 hours test(jocking) dashboard says no errors, no bad sectors, but alert on server and long smartctl test (truenas) says 2 bad sectors.
So i used hdtune pro for a new windows test, and voila 2 bad sectors errors, so why dashboard can’t see the problems? why we should use dashboard to check if it is not able to recognize bad sectors?

if bad sectors are increasing your hdd going to be corrupted,
check with crystal info too sent its info pic