Bad Sectors have been "repaired"?

When scanning a drive with Western Digital Life Guard or any hard drive manufacturer’s diagnostic tools often I will get the message “Bad sectors have been found and repaired”

Generally when I find bad sectors on a drive I deam it 'faulty" or “bad” and issue the customer a replacement.

Upon further reading ( it appears “bad sectors” cannot actually be “repaired” but only rerouted to “good sectors”

Here’s my question - are these drives actually being “repaired” or are they failing drives that we just bypassed the problem with temporarily by using a “good” sector?

Hi they are being replaced with spare sectors. I would run  data life guard  and see what it reports in the smart data section. Or a copy of HD tune will run a test and give you the smart data. Once a certian number of bad sectors are detected they would do a rma on the drive.