Bad Sectors - Gold 4TB Drive

Please help - this issue is driving me crazy and affecting my business.

Three months ago I began having problems with my image processing program - Adobe Lightroom. It would hang up my Windows 10 machine when importing images. I eventually (after 12+ hours of reloading software and conducting scans) found it was due to the 4TB WD4000 internal drive I use for image storage. I found the Data Lifeeguard tool and the Extended test would fail immediately with Error 08-Too Many Bad Sectors.

That drive was a six month old refurbushed one I had bought so to replace it I bought a new Gold WD4002FYYZ drive new from a reputable local stockist. Now I am having the same problem. The extended test comes back with ‘Too many bad sectors’. I have backed everything up and so far I have not lost any of my 155,000 image library but some of the latest images I imported yesterday are corrupted and Lightroom will haang when it accesses the portion of the drive with the bad sectors.

I ran a full virus scan overnight and all Microsoft and Adobe programs are up to date. The machine is an HP Workstation and has not been moved or shocked at all.

How do I fix this problem? Are these drives known to be unreliable?

Bergen County, NJ, USA

Hi Merkur,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.

six month old refurbushed one

thats asking for trouble, ALLWAYS buy new hardrives or ones that u know that are good from personal conections, in case of ANY doubt buy new or dont buy couse u WILL most of the time Lose data unless ure rly lucky