Bad resolution(?) in text menus

I am using WD TV Live with a receiver (red, yellow, white inputs) and a regular CRT TV. Firmware: 1.05.18 (up to date).

The menu text and the clock are difficult to read; it looks like the resolution is off. However, when I’m watching subtitled Netflix movies, that text is fine.

Video Output- Composite NTSC
Aspect Ratio- Normal
Screen Size Calibration- 95% (changing it doesn’t affect text readability)


That’s going to be true for composite connections… that’s the very lowest resolution.   480i for US and 576i for PAL regions.

NetFlix subs are going to look different because they have larger backgrounds, and a larger font.

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Thanks, Tony. I knew that my old tech and new tech eventually wouldn’t get along.

i’m  using a crt 27 inch’s easier to read the texture plus the menu of netflix on the roku LT than the wdtv subtitles on the roku LT are double the size than on wdtv live streamer.i have no problem reading the wdtv live streamer menu or clock.also on the crt the roku LT has better picture than the wdtv live streamer.i found that hard to believe.but to noticed the picture difference u would have to pay attention :stuck_out_tongue: