Bad opinion for the product (subs,aspect)

I just registered my product and gave my opinion for it>I thought i should copy my opinion here also,cause this concerns future  and current users :

““The low price is cool,but the lack of support for the device is bugging me.As i see mainly anime with the device,the problems with subtitles are just too many…lack of border,colours,bad timing,lack of graphics,potisioning.The use of subtitles is too basic to be ignored and to begin with the device mustn’t have been released with those problems in mind.At least you should have been corrected the problems with firmware updates immediatly.Instead of that the users are complaining in the forums and no results…and like me they browse the web for other solutions like unofficial firmware and other mumbo jumbo.If you buy a product from a serious company like this(or so i thought) you deserve satisfying support at least.Also there is only a zoom function in the menu,I have a 4/3 old crt tv,but the device is unable correct the aspect automatically even if i choose so in the settings in most of the videos.Anyway this should not be an automatic function,there are times that you want keeping the aspect intact and times that you don’t,or you want to adjust it manually so the distortion of the images is satisfactory.Personally i prefer a perfect fit but like i said neither that is 100% functinioning. A more complex menu on aspect alteration is needed,zooming means loosing bits of the visual so is out of the question.As i myself am a tv technitian for 10 years now i find the aspect issue unacceptable. The things are right now i am positive that neither i buy any product from this company again nor i suggest anyone to buy one,except western digital proves it otherwise and supports properly its own products.””"


We do support our products and we do read user feedback.  You mention complaints on our forums, but you will want to take note of the ideas lab and also look at all of the solutions on our forums.  We do respond and implement ideas on from our ideas lab.

Also please keep in mind that our community forums are not a direct method of contacting WD.  A few employees (me being one) occasionally read through the forums and post. We also have our moderator staff who enforces the user guidlines and makes sure everyone stays civil.

I also send directly my opinion when i registered my product…I didn’t write in the forum so WD could take notice ,my post as i have already mentioned,was addresed to current and future users.The problems i mentioned are already known by WD and many users have made complaints and mentioned them in the “ideas lab” many times, but no solutions are offered nor in the forum and neither by REleasing a new firmware.Now i spent nearly 150 euros on the device and i don’t like to sound like a dork,but how would you have felt if you paid for something and you came back from work happy to use it and relax,but instead your nerves are broken.I have a media player but i have to sit in front of my computer,instead of lying in my bed and relax.Thats why i bought the thing,instead i have to wait for a random amount of time,without a clue for a new firmware, if i want my money not to go in waste.Look could you just tell me how long until a new firmware will come out.I think users deserve to know (me included).If it is one-one and a half month,i’ll gladly wait,but if it is longer than that i want to know so i can sell the thing and buy something else…

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I agree with srnickolas that the problem with subtitles are a problem. Hope WD staff will do something…

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I agree totally with the lack of support and 2 main problems

I’ve bought this product in Spain, 2Tb the same day that it was delivered to the market, and I was expecting much more quality than the Iomega I have ( that i don’t consider as enough)

But i’ve received an inferior product. Two main problems. subs and framerate in some HD files

Subs are:

-white (must be yellow or use the font and colour embedded in them)

-small in HD (they depend on the resolution of the output and it’s not ok, They has to be the same for each resolution)

  • Not synchronized, for anime in HD it seems that it takes too long to process them so they stay too long in the screen and then a lot of lines appear in just a milisecond. It happens every 10 seconds or so.

in other HD files  there are a lack of framerate and its not continuos, it stucks for some miliseconds and then runs to normal. It happens all the time and is very uncomfortable for eyesight.

There are other quality parts that I’m very satisfied with. Like price for hd space, conectivity that works fine, plastics in general, remote and wires. But those 2 problems are affecting me every time I use the product.

It’s unacceptable and we haven’t received a new firmware since almost one year ago.

no update for this [Deleted] this product is dead. i suggest that everybody should return this junk so maybe WD will wake up and not selling nonfunctional [Deleted] anymore…

It is a fact that the WD elements is dead, and that WD DOES NOT take any ideas into account.

I don’t really know WHY they insist in keeping up the WD Elements Ideas forum…