Bad german translation in the user menu of WD TV Live


I’m a german user of the WD TV Live.

In my opinion there are several errors in the german menu (Firmware v1.01.11 and before).

I don’t know if this is the right place for this but I can’t find any better.

  1. Settings -> Audio/Video -> HDMI Deep color mode -> “8 Bit” is translated with “8 bisschen” which is wrong and sounds funny for native german speakers. In german it shall be the same like in english (“8 Bit”).

  2. During playback choose “Option” -> Choose “Info Bar” -> Wrong french description is displayed. It shall be “Informationsleiste”.

  3. During playback choose “Option” -> Choose “Zoom out” -> “aufziehen” is diplayed. It shall be “Verkleinern”

  4. During playback choose “Option” -> Choose “Zoom in” -> “Zoomen” is diplayed. It shall be “Vergrössern”



Die Deutsche Übersetzung ist wirklich sehr schlecht. Das hört sich an als wäre das irgendwo in China übersetzt worden. Es gibt aber noch mehr sehr seltsame Übersetzungen beim WD HD TV Live. z.B die Anschlußbezeichnungen. Ich hoffe die korrigieren das bei einer der nächsten Firmware Versionen.

That’s correct but I fear that no one cares about german menu issues here.

I hoped that WD Firmware developers read this post.

Again: The german translation is partially really bad so I think about setting my WD TV Live back to english.

It is interesting that the german menu in the WD TV HD is much better…

Thank you.  I will make sure to escalate this post to the appropriate people. 

How about adding a feature where it reads a langauge.xml file (if present) and uses that for the interface.

Then we can configure the interface to Klingon :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone sent an email to tech support?  Might be an idea.