Bad Firmware 2019-07-09?

I have three My Cloud 8TB NASes bought in 2016. This morning one of them (only one of them!) informed me of new firmware and I dutifully attempted to update it. Since then, all I get is a fast blinking blue light. The drive doesn’t even pull an IP address.

I’ve tried the unbricking method involving a USB thumb drive, but I never get the flashing red-yellow light, I still just get the fast blinking blue. I’ve pushed the reset button in the back for a minute or more, still nothing but flashing blue.

Given that only one drive alerted me, the others didn’t and this drive is now dead, did bad firmware get released and quickly pulled but my promptness just cost me a $300 drive?

@atrocity If your device is a 2nd generation My Cloud then the Flashing blue light was saying the Firmware update was being installed.

See the User Manual, Chapter 2 LEDs.

But it never stopped flashing, even after hours and no matter what else I did.