Bad drives

I had a 1TB Black drive for my desktop and in the bios it said SMART status bad back up and replace. So I contacted the customer support and they sent me a new one. I got that one and plugged it in and immediatly got the same back up and replace message. Just to try my luck I contacted customer support yet again to get a 3rd hardrive and got the message a 3rd time. I checked a 3rd party software that said the hardrive is fine. Is my BIOS messed up or is something wrong with the drives!?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Hi 3 drives in a row bad very unlikely you need to run a test with WD data lifeguard tools if it passes the tests then the drive is fine you can get the program here. . You can check for a bios update just remember if you lose power or the update goes bad you can brick the board and have to have it serviced. Try a different Sata cable also.

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I ran the quick test and the hard drive passed. Now I am running the Extended Test and it has been 10 hours and the program says it is going to take 126 hours to finish. Is that normal? That seems way to long to check a harddrive. 

Hi no 126 hours is not normal. As I mentioned try a new Sata cable just to rule that out. What mother board is it do you have the latest bios and sata controller driver if you want post back what board it is and I can check to see what updates are available for it. Just to add I have a system that has a 500 gig black drive I downloaded the data lifeguard tools and ran it. To start with it said the time would take 1 minute but it is still running after 30 minutes I do not put much faith in the estimated time. The system I ran it on is a older system with a Q9650 8 gig ram and a hd 7970 card ssd boot drive I don’t know maybe it estimated the ssd. I normally use hard disk Seninel to test drives. So post back your system specs and lets go from there I just can not see 3 bad drives. Where these drives in a sealed antistatic bag. 

I changed the Sata cable and that fixed everything. It’s lightning fast now. Thanks for your help.