Bad Drive?

Not sure if this should go in the NAS section or here with the internal drives, but here goes nothin’!

Long story short, my Synology DS212j DiskStation is telling me my WD Red HD, which is less than three years old and is used sparingly once a week for a short period of time, is “degraded” and needs to be fixed [read: replaced].

So…is the DiskStation full of shitsu or is it really going bad? My guess’d be the DiskStation’s full of crapola, but what do I know?


Hi there,

Normally when the volume is degraded, it might be 1 of the drives that is failing, i am assuming you have a raid setup on your device, so on this case check on the device and verify which drive is failing.

Yes, I have a back-up an dI know which drive is “failing,” but that’s not the point. What I’m getting at is…I don’t believe it. If this drive has, in fact, “degraded” after such a short, tiny amount of time of being active, I’m out, no more WD for this cat. Years of using WD with no problems and now this? It’s mind-boggling!

I have yet to do the diagnostics on it so I’m still hopeful.