Bad Box? Or Common Problems?

I’m new to the WDTV device, running the offical beta firmware.   I’ve got two problems:

1.) It’s hit or miss that i can access my network shares.  I’ll try to get in, and it says it’s unavailable, then i try again a few seconds later and it works.   I’m confident it’s the WDTV device and not my PC.  To troubleshoot this i setup an old xbox running xbmc on the same ethernet connection as the wdtv unit.  i access the same shares there with no problems ever, using the same share names, and same user ID and Password.  The XBMC xbox never fails to go in while the WDTV does.

2.) The LED on the front of my unit seems to have shut off after a few days of use.  I went to turn it on this morning and noticed the light go on, then literrally flicker and fade out.   I thought the device was not turning on at first, but it definately is.  It seems like the LED does not come on anymore.   One weird thing is after turning the unit on and off a dozen times, once the lights come on no problem… so they’re not ‘burnt out’ or anything. 

Since this thing is only 4 days old i’m going to return it and exchange with another.  I’m pretty interested in the network share bit though…

  1. It always takes a few tries to first connect to net shares with the Live – but once you’re connected you shouldn’t lose a connection.  Does that happen to you?

  2. It’s possible the “flickering” you’re seeing is the Live building the media library.  Are both lights coming on, nor none at all?  At least one light should always stay on, solid, when the Live is on (and the library isn’t being built).  If not, then you may have a bad unit.