Bad backup


      I have one big file that didn’t save correctly can I save this file to a disk, delete it on my hard drive then load it back in a day or two? I don’t want to format my book if I can get out of it. Would this work?



Bit confuse with your post but I’ll give it a shot.

If you want to delete a file that you manually save on the drive there will be no problem. You can loaded backup any time you want.

In regards of not been able to copy a large file, the only reason for that is that drive could be formatted on fat32 which does not allow to transfer files larger than 4gb.

If on the other hand you used a software to backup the file than deleting files is not recommended as you might corrupt the backup structure.

Hope this answers your question.

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I guess I explained it wrong.  The file that was saved to my WD book was not complete so I wanted to save the file to disk and delete it from my computer. The following day load it back on my computer and see if my WD book would get a good copy. I will have to check out the fat32 and see if that might be the problem.


Oh ok. Well you can always delete the first copy and retry. 

And checking the file system also should help.

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