Bad B Tree Node Size on My Book Studio 2tb

I’m an editor for the film/television industry, using Final Cut Pro. I have a My Book Studio 2TB that diplays a, “Bad B Tree Node Size” message in disk utility, and doesn’t show up on my desktop. I have searched the knowledge base, and the community here on WD, as well ask for help with tech support. Furthermore I have called WD for help, and they simply will not address this prevalent issue so many WD customers have.  

WD should realize that the film/television/music recording industry is very tight.  We are quick to share our frustrations as  well as our happy experiences. Word spreads fast when a manufaturer and their support team dances around an issue, rather than doing everything they can to make insure we get quick resolution to our needs.  We work very hard to meet extremely stringent deadlines, but when we can’t access our files, because WD provides “NO REAL SUPPORT,” and miss our deadline even once, everyone in industry knows in a hurry. Read Apple’s Support Community’s user’s frustrations with WD and you’ll begin to understand the scope of this one issue alone.  It’s sad that we have to be our own support team, and come up with our own answers, because WD doesn’t care enough about their customer base to give us intelligent, timely, cost efficient solutions.  The least you can do is to provide software that will help recover our data, instead of “Handing Us Off,” to third partys, who charge $900.00 to recover data.     

What are you hiding WD??? 

I have 4 WD hard drives.  They are all being replaced with more reliable drives.  Your lame answers to our questions like: “Have you plugged the drive in?” or “Have you turned the unit on?” are no longer acceptable to those of us who are computer savy.  When our reputation is in your hands and you ignore us…Wake up WD!!! 

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Hi KevinHamby, please check your private messages. 

I’ve been using the same drive on my imac running Final Cut Pro for the last 18 months, then, with still 700 GB free, it started to slow right down. Would take forever to trasfer video files, and play back was no longer smooth. I Ran ‘Drive Genius 3’ which revealed 102 bad blocks and the message " Replace drive as soon as possible. Luckly I managed to transfere all the data across to another Hard drive ( G-Technology ) which took me the best part of a weekend.

I personally don’t think these drives are cut out for working on something like FCP. Some of my files were 2 -3 GB and I’m not sure if these drives can handle it. Researched the G-Techology hard drives and they specificly state certain hard drives for media work like FCP.

 What I will say about WD is that they replaced the hard drive within days and I’ve got a brand new WD 2TB My Book Studio. But it will only get used for basic backing up of smaller files like tiffs and raw images and the like…

Of course, I’ve now got to invest in another G - Tech Hard Drive to back up all the files I transfered from my dieing WD My Book.  I hope you get it sorted, but whatever you do, back it all up, cos they won’t retrieve anything from a damaged hard drive without it cosing you a fortune.  Good Luck!

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