Western Digital is one of three out of my Hard Drive Bible that I recommend (top of the three) to all of my clients. With that said, I’ve run into what I’m sure is a small issue. Restore works perfectly. It sends the files to a folder in the C:\Documents and settings, but there are no further directions given. As it seems, the files have to be put back manually. some, as you know, are hidden files (and not viewable). You reallly don’t want to put a file in the wrong place on modern computers. My suggestion is a small C++ file that will save the original location the file came from. When you restore, it automatically puts the files where they belong for you. Time is not as important as placement here, at least to me. What do you think? 

The software has an option when you are doing the restore that you can send the files to the original location. However, if the location is not available anymore or if you are doing the restore to a new computer, will be better if you send the files to an specific location.

Thank you, ragdexx, for your reply. However, that area is grayed  out and I don’t have access to it. It is exactly what I need. The update’s have not caught it to enable that section. :confounded: