Backups to 2 My Cloud Mirrors, some data from Partitioned My Book with 2 Drives

I have been using a 4TB My Cloud Mirror to backup data files from two laptops. I’ve purchased a 8TB My Book and partitioned it into two drives. I’m not convinced that the Mirror SmartWare software works well with My Book Discovery because it was disabled after installing Discovery. I’d like to purchase 2 12TB My Cloud Mirrors to back up the files on the My Book, data files on two laptops. I want the same backups on both 12TB drives which will be in two separate buildings for disaster recovery. Does this seem possible? I don’t want to spend the money to find out that either I cannot use both a My Book and My Cloud Mirror on the same computer with their related software. I also do not know if the WD backup software can distinguish that I have two separate mirror drives for backup. I do not mind at all to create and maintain duplicate backup scenarios for both network drives. I wish WD had live chat.

Hello elamma3,

You can create a remote backup between both 12TB My Cloud Mirror devices from remote locations as this will backup selected data on a My Cloud device to another My Cloud device located on another network.

Afterthat, you can connect My Book with any My Cloud Mirror device to take data backup on it via NAS to USB backup.