Backups of the HDDs


I’ve setup my MBLD to Raid1 so I have 2TB of space available. I don’t want to have to copy all my data to another drive to store it offsite so what I would like to do every couple of months is switchout one of the hard drives on the MBLD to store it off site in case of fire or flood. That way I always have a backup somewhere else.

So my questions are:

  1. Even though my drives are working fine can I switch off the MBLD and then swap out one of the HDD to store it off site?
  2. Can you point me to WD store to a hard drive I can purchase to replace the one I swap out? Is it this one (
3) When I have swapped the HDDs should I only reconnect the power and NOT the network cable while the new HDD is re-built?
4) Can I use any HDD to swap as long as it’s equivalent ore more in space. For example since it’s 2TB can I swap it with a 4TB HDD?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!



1- Yes, this is possible. The MBLD will rebuild the raid when you swap out one of the drives.

2-. You can use the exact model as the ones that are already inside.

3-Check page 125 of the USer manual for information on this.

4- We recommend swapping it with the same model as the other drives.


This is the purpose behind my purchase of the WD Duo and a spare Red drive.

A follow up question on this good answer… with the drive set to Mirror, I assume it’s the B disk is the mirrored copy that I will be swapping. Is that correct? I can’t find anything in the documentation to confirm that.