Backups from one machine are appearing as 'deleted' in Smartware on other machine


I recently purchased a 2TB Passport external drive.  I also recently upgraded my Smartware to 2.2.1 (11/25/13 version).  Before the install, I had no problems backing up files on one machine, then plugging the drive into another machine and being able to open the files (wma audio files).  After the upgrade, when I view the files on the original machine, the files appear fine.  I can open them with no problem.  On the other machine, when I view the files in Explorer, all of the file information is unavailable.  When I open the files in Smartware on that machine, it is showing the files as greyed out with a line through it (deleted).  The files are not deleted and it shows in sync on the original machine.

What could be the cause?



“Grayed out” files are signed in WD SmartWare as “files missing from the original location”. This is because WD SmartWare is looking for those files on both systems.

WD SmartWare is a backup utility instead of a synchronization utility, so this behavior is normal and expected. For situations in which direct file access is needed, we recommend a manual copy.

Ok, I get it.  Basically, to the second PC, the backup drive does not have the ‘native’ files to that machine, so they appear as ‘deleted.’  It’s a little confusing when you are selecting the option to restore to a new specific location on a drive on another machine for the first time.  Thanks for the help.