Backups from multiplel sources to multiple targets

In the course of several discussions with the support people (About activation :((  ) I was told that the software can ONLY backup ONE SOURCE drive to ONE Target drive ie your C:drive to a MyBook. Now, I don’t know about anyone else but It LOOKS LIKE it can backup multiple source drives to multiple target drives. Consider how you define backup plans. I have read the manual very carefully and it does not actually explicitly say that this is true. BUT it does not say that its is false either. Unless of course I missed a bit.

So. If I have three internal drives (C: D: E:) and three external drives (Z: Y: X:) It seems that I can ONLY back up say C: --> Z: If I want to backup  D: X: I have to manually stop the first plan and start the second. If your first plan is a ‘continious’ backup then its compromised is it not?

Have I got this wrong? Does it back up multiple sources to  multiple targets or not?

If you select the file backup option, you have the option of selecting several source drives, but you only have the option to do a continuous backup to a single destination.