Backups failing on Windows 7

Hi, I have tried searching for answers on this topic, but have come up with no solutions.

2 days ago received a new WD Elements 2TB portable external hard-drive. Even though it was not the cheapest on the market, I paid extra because it’s a name I recognise, and more importantly it was advertised as being Windows 7 compatible and plug and play.

I have tried a number of times to run a simple, straightforward back up to this drive over the past 2 days and no matter how I go about it, the back up runs for a while and then fails. Having done a search on the error messages, I read that I needed to format the drive before I could run the back up successfully, so I duly did the quick format as described and tried to run another back up. It failed.

So I searched again on the error codes I’m receiving - both 0x8078012D and 0x80070001 and found instructions on another way of creating back ups, which I diligently followed - again, the backup seemed to running then after a period it failed again.

Can anyone, please, explain to me in short words and without too much jargon, how to get this back up to run successfully? I’m not a total novice, I’ve spent time as an IT tutor, but when it comes to editing code, I need to have clearly written explanations.


somebody else
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Have you tried using a different backup software?

What about WD Smartware. You can download that from the WD Support website.

Did you check the following link from the Microsoft support.

Okay - to answer your questions, in order.

  1. have I tried using different back up software.
    This device is supposed to be Win 7 compatible and plug and play - I didn’t need to download different software for my external last hard drive

  2. Have I downloaded and tried using WD Smartware.
    According to my reading of the specs, that software isn’t intended for use with the WD Elements portable. I don’t want to be downloading software that may invalidate any kind of warranty I have.

  3. Have I done everything suggested in that M/S link.

Sorry, but that’s beyond my capability - and again, this device is supposed to be Win7 Compatible and plug and play. That’s why I paid extra for it.

I don’t know if you’re a WD employee or just a willing volunteer contributor and I don’t mean to be rude either way, but if this device is not Win7 compatible and plug and play as advertised, then I’d rather send it back and have a refund, then buy something that will do what I want without having to fiddle with command prompts, formats and other downloads.