Backups Bug

Model: My Cloud Pro PR4100
Firmware Version : 2.21.126

While using the “Copy” method of “Internal Backups” to move files and folders from one share to another, I discovered a bug which causes certain sub-folders to be omitted from the target. The file counts were accurate, and further testing revealed that it only seems to affect empty folders.

I was hoping that I had finally found a reliable backup solution, especially after two previous NAS backup solutions failed miserably, but it seems I have no choice but to use the network and my computer to ensure that backups are in fact exact copies of the source.

Here is an actual example of a test I performed and it’s corresponding result. There were no errors and the system logs do not show any indication of problems.



This bug may also affect other backup methods, but I have not had time to test them.


Thanks for the post.
I understand the issue reported is that empty folders are not created during an Internal COPY backup, and thus you do not have a “carbon copy” of the source data.

MY TEST RESULTS validates your claim so I will escalate to engineering.

Windows 10 Home

Backup Results ( empty FOLDER_5 from the source path is missing from the destination path)

The backups bug is still present in firmware version 2.30.165