Backuped music ==> DLNA

Hi, I’d like to stream my music with DLNA that SmartWare Pro is backing up regularly.

Issue: SWP backs up to \SmartWare, and I can only access music from \Public.

How can I solve it?

SmartWare Pro will back it up wherever you choose to send it. See image below. Ignore the, see next image below this one. You can choose to back up your music in Public if you want to. Use the dropdown menu and choose the share where you want it to go.

I hope this helps.


Cool, thank you so much, cat0w!

@ Cat0w,

What I don’t understand of Smartware pro is when it sorts out its backing up, even if all files in a partition are just files, it still finds systemfiles and sometimes a large amount, which will not be backupped, or are they backed up ? It says excluded.Since they are greyed out. It’s a weird program. Then if you want to choose all programs you switch to all category back up and tick them all and then I am still not sure if it all will be backed up. What is this ?

The files in Temp H: are all normal files downloaded from the internet.


And how do you delete a Smartware Backup ? Or you can’t ?

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Since there are two ways to backup, category and file, and I haven’t tried the file, maybe someone here from WD can answer this for us.

The way I read the SmartWare UM for all the system files you would have to use the file backup.

To delete a backup I would think you could do that from the My Cloud desktop app by choosing the share the backup was placed in. See image below.

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