I used my “WD My Passport” to transfer files from my PC (windows 7) to my new macbook by making a backup to my PC’s files  I have formated my WD using MS-DOS (FAT). After Finishing the backup I have received the following note :Backup completed but some files were skipped. The windows backup skipped H:\ WD Smartware.swstor because it cannot be found on drive H:. What is the important to backup this skipped file? And if affect the backup process whate shall I do?

This file contains a backup done with Smartware software.

Wait and see if the backup will include the file on a later backup. Otherwise you can manually transfer the file.

I forgot how to back up files and folders on my passport ultra. Using the manual has not helped.

What do I do?

The following article explains how to use an external drive directly with no software:

The following articles explains how to use WD SmartWare to run automatic backups:

Per category:

Specific files and folders: