Backup with WD MyCloud - company + home


I know this topic was partially covered by other threads but I didn’t manage to find full answer so I hope to find it here :slight_smile:
I would like to secure my data - both from the office and home. In the office I have a computer that is used as a server - which actually only stores data on several partitions. At home I have 2 computers that I would like to have backed up.
I would like to be comfortable and safe about the data even in the case of burglary or fire. That’s why I’ve figured out this solution which may not be the best - but if you can suggest something else - I would be much grateful.
I am planning to buy 2 external drives - probably MyCloud or MyCloud Mirror. I would like to setup one at home, and the other one in the office. I would use disk at home to backup data from my and my wife’s computer. I would like this data to be mirrored in one of the folders on the disk in the office. I would use disk in the office to backup server data and I would like this backup to be mirrored on one of the folders in my home disk.
Is it possible to do? Or maybe there’s some other good idea to backup data? I also have OneDrive account with 1TB which actually I could use for some additional backup of the most important data. Is it possible to use WD software to create backup in
I also have network version of MyBook World Edition which I could somehow use, but as far as I am concerned it isnt possible to connect to it with mycloud? Or maybe I am wrong? Maybe I could use it somehow for the backups?
I would be much grateful for your advice.

Thanky you in advance!


  • MyBook World Edition and My Cloud are not compatible
  • My Cloud and Mirror are consumer based products. If you’re looking for a backup sever, I would suggest the EX2 Ultra which is the lower end of the Prosumer which has more CPU and Memory than My Cloud or Mirror.
  • Remote backup is possible as long as ports 22, 80 and 443 are not blocked.

Hi, Thank you very much for your response.
I checked several products info and I think what suits me the most is My cloud. Let me make sure - will I be able to set backup so the disks would mutually backup? So my home data backed up on one disk would be saved in other disk (office) folder and vice versa? Of course providing ports are open.

Is there anyone that had similar idea for backups?

Is there any WD specialist that could answer if it is possible?