Backup windows xp files to newly purchased WD Elements 1TB Portable HD

I have purchase WD Elements SE model # WDBABV0010BBK-PESN.

I am trying to backup my Dell computer (running Windows XP) with the installed Windows Backup Utility.

This program does not recognise the portable HD as a suitable destination to store the backed up files.

Otherwise the HD works fine as a plug and play device. The computer recognises the drive with the HD connected to it.

Please help.

At this point this seems to be an issue with the backup tool. Visit Microsoft web site for support on the application, If the drive is being recognized and you can copy and paste on it you should be able to backup on it also using any backup software, I would go online and find another Backup software and test the drive with it.


If the drive is been recognize by the computer then I’ll recommend you to contact Microsoft for the Windows Backup issue.

Paragon and Easuse have free backup software. It also depends on what you are backing up. Just the data or making a system image. If it’t just data then a sync program might wotk better.


Actually, i have using  easeus todo backup  free to backup my computer. not only the files, it also can backup the system hard disk to the new hardware. i think this free version is the most versatility software on the market. it offers many functions that just can be  found in the paied tool. what more it is free for both business and home users.