Backup Windows 10 hybrid PC to DX4000

I have problem with new Windows 10 Laptop (HP Spectre x360) when start automatic Backup. When try Manual Backup from Laptop, all is OK and Backups finished w/o error. When try backup from server console I receive next Message “Backup cannot connect to the Windows Server Client Computer Backup Provider Service …” . In my network first server is SBS 2011, Sentinel DX4000 is second. Any ideas ? thanks in advance …

DX4000 is Windows Server 2008, there is no support for SMBv3. I think, the error message appeared if using the DX4000 as backup target, right? Have you started the Backup service on the DX4000?

Maybe this thread can help:

There are more hints if you scroll down to other postings in this thread-link above.

That really does not make sense. If one works the other should or both should fail. Is this consistent behavior, you can duplicate it easily?
Reboot the DX 4000

Can you restore a file from a backup?