Backup Volumes

I can’t see my backup volumes. I had to reformat my laptop and was going to use the Passport data to restore. Now I can’t restore but there is over 300gb of data on the drive. 

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Hi chaunz15,

Just so I understand your issue, are you saying that after you installed the WD SmartWare software on your system, when you click on the retrieve tab then select  change retrieve volumes, your previous backup does not appear?

If this is correct, do you know which version of the SmartWare software was previously installed on your system and what version is currently installed now?

If you had a version prior to the and you now have .16 installed, you will need to install the previous version to be able to retrieve your data using the SmartWare interface.  Or you can always search the folders or navigate to the location of the files and copy and paste them if necessary.