Backup via LAN from Win7 not showing up via LAN from Win10


I went thru the turning on SMB for Win10 (
However the folders structure/files saved under Win7 via LAN connection (mapped drive not web interface) are not seen under Win10. The web-saved files are seen and the same in Win10-web and Win10-file-explorer.
Under Win7, the file-explorer files were NOT seen via web and vice versa.
What happened and how do I access the folders/files saved via LAN Win7-file-explorer from Win10?

mycloud software version: 5.0.5-104


the my cloud home has a private user space that can only be mounted by installing wd discovery. there is also a default public SMB share intended for windows backups. Anything stored in one does not show up in the other and vise versa. It sounds like you have some data stored in the private user space and some in the public share.