Backup using too much space

Using WD My Passport for back up along with suppied software. When I select a folder for backup it says it is backing up twice as many gb as is in the folder, And my 4tb Passport is more than half full after backing up only part of what fit on the old 2tb.

Hello marthatressler,

You should refer below link for this concern:

It’s still not right. I have 1.5tb to back up. Most of that fit on the 2 tb drive I have so not sure where the 2x comes into it. But on my new 4tb drive I just tried to back up the last bit (doing in batches) and it says not enough room! That is for 1.5tb of data in total. Says 835gb space left (I’ve already backed up only 1.3gb) and what I was trying to back up is 123gb. What is going on???