Backup using Time Mashine in LAN

Hi guys,

it might sound a bit complicate, but do you have any suggestion how I can use one of your drives and connect it to the LAN for local Time Mashine Backups. Any solution from your company? Conencting to my MacBook Pro is annoying and not happening daily. So it would be nice if there is a solution, or suggestion like using this or that router or something from your company. Thanks

I guess that when you say LAN you refer to the router? If you want to use time machine to backup your files on a hard drive that doesn’t need to be connected directly to the computer, you can use the My Book Live for that, it’s a hard drive that goes connected to your router. Check the link below.

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Wow, finally I got a useful reply there. Thank you! You got it right, that’s what I want and the WD drive you mentioned seems to do exactly what I wanted to. It has Bonjour as well, so I guess it should do the backuping over the my local network, WLAN etc. This is really great. You will get a kudo and I will close the case