Backup to Private Shares

Hello, I have just purchased a My Cloud 2 TB and have managed successfully to set up my Windows 8.1 laptop to back up to a public share using Windows File History, however when I tried to set the share to private, windows will not accept the password credentials and back up. I have checked the password and all is OK. It will only back up successfully to a public share?

I have the same issue using time machine on a macbook air. I have logged time machine in as a registered user with correct password credentials, however time machine wont back up to a private share only a public share.

Can anyone help please?

Thanks in advance.


Try unmapping the shares and then mapping the private share first.

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Thank you, your suggestion worked. I unmapped the share, rebooted, made the share private on the NAS drive and remapped to to PC. All OK so far, thank you.