Backup to other WD MyCloud

Hi there!
I have two MyClouds.
A new one with newest FW an an old One (Gen.1).
Now I want to backup the new one to the old one.
But I can`t create the safepoints as I did on the old one.
I can’t choose a simple network location anymore, only remote on another WD. And the old one doesn’t support this.
“Remoteserver” setting etc.
So how can I create a backup to a custom location?
Should I create a Mount to the old system and do a “local Backup”?


Tis is the problem I have as well. I created a message on the WD support page but till now I doesn’t have had a dissent answer from WD. The documentation and the icons on the screen said that it is possible to create a safe point but WD say that there is no server build in any more in the firmware 2.xx.xx. In the provious release firmware 4.xx.xx. the server was build in. I don’t know why they decided to remove the backup server from the Mycloud single bay edition only? So far I see it’s just a matter of putting the software in again but WD is not coming with a solution so far.
So just start a complain by WD just as I did and hope for a solution.

Kind regards,

Richard Meijn

I tried to do it with local backup. Seems to work.

  1. Create Share “Backup1” or something like that on the Backup-Drive (The name “Backup” won`t work)
  2. Set rights to admin or create a backup-User
  3. create a share with the same name “Backup1” on the new MyCloud
  4. Connect to the new MyCloud with ssh
  5. mkdir /mnt/Backup
  6. vi /etc/fstab
  7. Append:
    /// /mnt/Backup cifs username=,password= 0 0
  8. Create logical link:
    ln -s /mnt/Backup /shares/
  9. Create Backup-Task through Safepoints, Local, Select all share except >Sharename of Backup> as target select