Backup to network share (a USB drive attached to a wifi router)

according to the WD smartware software user manual, wd smartware uses only internal or direct attached drives as source but the target can be network shared drives.

I connected a My Book drive to the USB port of a wifi router, i can access it as and map it to my notebook as assigning a drive letter to it. I can view, copy/paste files etc. with that USB drive attached to my router.

But in SmartWare Pro (yes i have the Pro function enabled), i can’t see this drive letter in backup target section of the “home” tab. why?

Smartware can only network back up to “proper” NAS drives, for example the MyCloud series.

Backing up to a router-attached USB drive though (via ReadyShare or similar set-ups) isn’t supported, as those aren’t seen as such a NAS drive. I think the protocols involved are slightly different, as the drive shared that way doesn’t have its own IP address and such so Smartware can’t use it as a NAS, and the drivers won’t see it to use it as the equivalent of a directly attached drive.

This question is quite a regular one to be asked, so if you look through the software ideas (or the external drive ideas) section you should find requests for it, which you can add a vote to perhaps.