Backup to MyCloud Mirror failed


I have used Backup4All for a long time to backup files from my computer to my
MyBookLive, which works fine.

Now I have bought a MyCloud Mirror Gen2 and every time I try to backup
my files to it an error occures after some time.

If I backup only a few files, it works well, but with more data it fails every time
after a random amount of data - somewhere between 10 GB and 40 GB with
the error message:

(Means “unexpected network error”)

Same thing for “Super Flexible File Synchronizer” … it brings similar error.

Other backup tools like Acronis or Paragon doesnt seem to have this problem.

Any ideas?

Hello there,

I have not tried this software, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

I just received, not set up though, a My Cloud Mirror Gen2. On the WD App matrix page this is the only device that the WD Acronis is not available for. Can anyone comment or clarify this please?
Thank you

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