Backup to mycloud from another network

Hi, i tried looking for similar topics but couldn’t find one.

I would like to ask if i can backup my files from another location which is not connected to the same network as Mycloud using Smartware.

Have you read the SmartWare User Manual?

Short answer is officially no Smartware cannot connect to a remote My Cloud and perform a backup of the computer.

Unofficially one might be able to use Smartware if they either have a VPN connection to their local network hosting the My Cloud or possibly use the WebDAVMod to create a remote mapped drive from the My Cloud.

One could use WD Sync to backup content to a remote My Cloud. One could also configure their My Cloud for FTP access through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings page and use an FTP client on the computer to backup files. Note, however that FTP is NOT secure. There are unofficial methods to create a secure FTP tunnel but those generally involve using SSH to edit/configure the My Cloud OS.

There are numerous threads that cover backing up remotely, do a search for “smartware remote backup”. Here are a few of those threads.

It’s a shame we cannot perform a remote backup to Mycloud. That’s the whole purpose of backing up, just in case anything happen and damages the local computer or hardisk.

There’s no point backing up when disaster,for example fire, destroy the whole place including the Mycloud.

I would like to add my name to the list of customers that feel cheated by WD. I can accomplish what I need, but it is a two-step process using “My Cloud.exe”. Using “My Cloud.exe”, I can connect to both devices, but only one as a mapped drive on Windows 7 computer. This is not syncing and is ripe for mistakes; plus it is very slow.