Backup to External USB Drive


I just purchased a My Cloud Home 4TB and I’m just waiting for it to come in. When initially doing research for the device, I found that the previous generation for this model had an auto back up function that would create an image of the internal drive and put it on an external one. I might have incorrectly assumed that that feature would be carried over to the next generation, so I ordered it.

I have since learned that the external USB function on this newer model is extremely limited compared to previous devices. I want to know if it is at all possible to create a backup or image of the My Cloud Home on an external drive, and whether it can be automated or not. I plan on using the drive as a main storage hub for all of my files and media and I bought the device under the impression that I can further backup those files to an external drive. If this is not possible, I will be returning the device.

If this specific topic has already been discussed in another thread, please link it to me.

Thank you,

Adrian I.

You can plug a external drive into the my cloud home and copy all files to that drive, but from what I can see, you can’t schedule a reoccurring backup.

Anyone else know of a way to schedule the backup? And whether or not if you copy the files more than once if it overwrites or updates versus making a second copy.

I also want to know! Thanks!