Backup to external network MBL

Morning guys,

Having just opened a shop, I am wondering if it is possible to backup my store laptop to my MBL which is at home?

Your response would be greatly received. many thanks


After much ‘tinkering’ I have it working to a fashion. Mapped the MBL as a network drive through WD2go. Can copy/replace important documents to drive.

However using Windows 7 premium I cannot automatically backup to a network location. Smartware does not recognise the mapped drive either. Not too fussed as the important stuff will besecure, however a full backup may become beneficial at some point in the future.
Anybody aware of a way I can make this work?

Many thanks once again

Hi and welcome to the WD Community.

WD Smartware wont be able to perform a backup to a different location.

See if this helps

Please note that this are not supported procedures for WD.

Thank you ERmoral.

This is beyond my comfort of technical knowledge so I will stick with the solution I have found. just copying and replacing important documents manually each day.

I will however keep looking to see if there is an easier solution.

Many thanks for your help