Backup to another MyCloud

Is it possible to connect an additional MyCloud to the same network or through the USB port on the first one and have the SmartWare software setup a backup from one MyCloud to the other? Will the SmartWare software allow you to choose the existing MyCloud as a backup source and choose the new MyCloud as the backup target?

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Not really. You can use Safepoints (from one NAS UI) to create a mirror copy of NAS1 to NAS2). Smartware runs from one PC to the NAS.

You cannot use the USB to connect another MyCloud, only a USB disk.

Thanks for the info! I was hoping it could be setup to only replicate the changes made as the Smartware does when backing up to the NAS. 

If you backup a computer using smartware to the NAS, you can backup the backup on the NAS to another NAS using safepoint. You can also use someother backup software to backup the computer to the other NAS directly.