Backup to a WD Cloud in another location

Hello -

I want to put a WD Cloud in a relatives house. I then want my home systems to write a backup to this offsite location. I will likely use EaseUS software to manage the backup. What do I need to do to make this offsite WD Cloud visible for this? Will there be authentication?


Use this link to find more information on the WD My Cloud and read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud.

Yes my very same question! this is supposed to be a cloud right? I can access my data just fine from ANYWHERE Why can I not backup in real time? I can Sync but thats not a backup is it. I would like to use a backup like sync, realtime file monitoring for new changes on my laptop to then be backed up in real time from whatever network I happen to be on. Cloud like right…

Actually no. The term “My Cloud” is just a marketing term. The device is actually what is called a network attached storage device (NAS) that has limited remote access features.

One can manually configure WD Sync to backup more than the default folders on the computer that are backed up when the program is initially installed. See the WD Sync embedded Help for more information.

One could enable FTP within the My Cloud Dashboard, which isn’t a secure, to backup files using backup programs that support FTP transmission.

When WD removed the remote mapping capability from the web portal it removed the capability to easily backup securely.

For users of the first gen v4.x firmware single bay My Cloud devices one could use the unofficial CloudDAVMod app to regain remote mapping capability.

Or one could attempt to use other unofficial methods to modify the My Cloud firmware (via SSH) to allow for secure remote access (SFTP for example). One can use the forum search feature to find past discussions on alternative methods like SFTP.

The second generation v2.x single bay My Cloud units do not support remote backup server access if one wants to backup from one single bay secong gen v2.x My Cloud to a remote second gen v2.x firmware single bay My Cloud.

Ok so my phone can have realtime backup but not my computer.

let me ask this. Can I use a vpn router and then be connected remotely via vpn?

Of course. Its another option to try and get better remote access than is provided by the default My Cloud units.