Backup times

New to the community…Just started the first ever backup of a Apple Mac and it seems to be taking forever.  The timemachine is stating I need 1.02Tb of data to backup and its been running for about 18hours and backed up about 150Gb…

Is this OK or am I doing something stupid… The installation completed no problems and it is connected as recommended.

Would appreciate some reassurance or advice.


Sounds like you are backing up via wifi. See if you can connect via gigabit ethernet.

If you are connected via gigabit ethernet, turn off your wifi as your mac may be using wifi as a first priority instead of the gigabit ethernet.

Make sure you are connected via “connect to server” in your finder menu and using smb://WDMyCloud/ for Server Address and clicking on connect. This makes it feel like a local device. 

DO NOT USE the software that is provided by WD to map the drives when you are using the Cloud locally. 

Before starting up your backup again, try copying files to and from the device. You should get about 40-45MB/s writes and  75MB/s reads. Use a large movie file of 800MB. 

If you have done all the above and your speed is still terrible then you need to look into how to SSH into your device to disable two services that scans your hard drive for media. These services slows down your device especially when your device starts to get full. (check the faqs above and look for my posts).

Once you have backed up the whole of 1.2TB, then you can use wifi to do incremental backups as daily changes should be far less then the initial 1TB 

Let me know how it worked out for you…