Backup Time too long - Any Solution?

Can someone advise is it normal for a backup of 10GB takes 24 hours on WD Home Network 2T ?

I have about 100 GB - Cant imagine it will takes me 240 hours to backup

Worst when is doing backup - my internet access is always  ‘server not found’ - that means when is backup,  have to stop working as internet cant use

Are doing this wireless or wired if wired what is the speed of your network card and router.

it is wireless.   

It would be better to do it wired if you can.

I have a 1TB MyBook also with gbit LAN connection. However, it is irrelevant (perhaps even deceptive? you decide) for WD to market these drives as having “Data transfer rate:10/100/1000 Mb/s compatible Ethernet” because you will NEVER see anything close to that.  The DRIVE is the limiting factor in the equation.  They need to list the transfer rate of the DRIVE ITSELF, not the speed rating for the connection port, for proper comparison.  The fastest transfer time I’ve seen on the MyBookWorld 1TB is about 15MB/s tops and that’s an Acronis backup from a native SATA2 WD10EADS internal drive to the MBWE.  To prove what I’m saying, I can backup that same WD10EADS to network shared SATA3 device on the SAME LAN the MBWE is connected to and get 100MB/s throughput between those devices.  So, it’s the endpoint devices that matter, all network factors being equal.  

The MBWE is a useful product, don’t get me wrong…I just think it’s wrong to list the “transfer speed” as 1 Gigabit as if that’s the final factor.  It is misleading.  Educating oneself is the only way to avoid dissatisfaction with your purchase.