Backup the content of the user personal space


Hi, I just purchased a new MyCloud Home 4TB. The Desktop is a very new Windows 10 64-Bit computer…
Installation etc. works fine. I See a Drive mounted to Public(\mycloud-ET8N74). This drive is available always, however with a poor file transfer performance:-1:, It can be accessed by backup tools:+1:.

Now the major problem: The user personal space, which can only be accessed via Connect, is invisible to any backup program. The western Digital Backup App ( which is suggested by Connect) does not work with Mycloud home at all.
Question: Does anybody have any clue how the content of the user personal space can linked to a backup software?


I had the same dilemma so I downloaded a bunch of trial backup software for Windows. The only one that was capable of backing up that network mounted drive that says “My Cloud Home” was File Fort Backup. I installed on Windows 10 PC and backup that share to 4 TB My Passport attached to the Windows 10 PC. My trial ran out so I purchased the full version.


Super, it works!!! Many many thanks for this information. I will purchase the software. :+1::+1:


One more issue from my side:
If somebody of WD technical support should read this and be able to give technical details how to back up the user personal space with latest and sophisticated software, I would be very happy.
I checked with several state of the art products (Acronis/WD Backup/Smartsync). These products do not see the mounted directory of the user personal space.
The technical documentation of WD does not cover this subject at all. In my understanding this system must be programmed to allow standard backup functionaltiy. Loosing 4TB after a HDD crash would be a horror.
Maybe WD knows some secret tricks???
Thanks, Artur