Backup Temp files chew up my hard drive partition space

Hello -

I recently noticed that my C drive did not have ANY space left on it,

and when I investigated, I found that WINDOWS\TEMP had some HUGE files in it.

One of them was > 180 Gigabytes long…

Apparently this is something generated by the MYBook backup software.

There were several others > 5 Gigabytes long.

The file names all start with the letters ETILQS.

When I try to delete the files, they apparently are attached by your software that’s still running.

When I stop the backup I still can’t delete them. The only way is to REBOOT in SAFE mode.

Then I can delete them, but the problem appears again later on.

Is there a way to keep these from causing me system problems/

This whole process is supposed to be in the background, right?

You may uninstall/reinstall the latest version of the software.  If the issue persists I suggest you to contact WD Support.