Backup Tab Doesn't Show

I just purchased and installed a My Passport external drive - not wireless. I followed the instructions for installing on a Mac and want to set up the backup plan. The User Manual says there will be 3 tabs under the WE Applications: Backup, Utilities, and Security. Backup is not there. I uninstalled and reinstalled - same issue. The backup files do not seem to exist on my hardware. Not impressed yet.

I’m having the same issue. Just bought today, and it isn’t working. i have utilities and security no back up tab.
Not much point having a hard drive if i can’t back up!
Any suggestions on why this is so?


I took mine back to Best Buy and got a refund. Bought another My Passport - for Mac. It is already formatted properly and you drag/drop the files or set up Time Machine - neither of which the other Passport allowed.