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I’m looking for an alternative backup software to WD Anywhere Backup (preferably free) that will backup a persons PC/files to a WD MyBook World Edition II without authentication but when someone attempts to access the files, it requires authentication. Could anyone point me in that direction? The problem with the WD Software and I’ve tried every solution is it will automatically backup during a Windows login session, only if you enter an account with credentials created via the admin interface into the Windows explorer while attempting to browse the share/mapped location. Otherwise, you get a “Pending Desination Not Avaliable” error. Having to access the NAS on the network and enter credentials every time someone boots their machine is not an ideal solution for automated, seamless backup. So is there any software that will do a seamless backup to the NAS without requiring authentication during the backup process, but requiring it to access the files?

PS Is the WD software XP compatible? It was causing what seemed to be random BSOD’s on a Windows XP laptop.

Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re after.

But it’s the NAS that’s in charge of when credentials are required, not the client. 

If you make the share that you’re backing up to Password Protected, the system MUST authenticate before it can access that share.   And any system that passes WRITE authentication is going to also be allowed READ authentication without further prompting.

So, I guess what you’re after is a backup software that MEMORIZES the credentials, uses them to do the BACKUP, but then will NOT use them when trying to access the files?   I haven’t seen that in any PAID software I use, let alone free stuff…

vahnx wrote:


PS Is the WD software XP compatible? It was causing what seemed to be random BSOD’s on a Windows XP laptop.


If you’re referring to the WD Anywhere Backup software, it should be XP compatible.  If you’re getting random BSOD’s, then there’s got to be some major software conflict going on between the backup software and the OS (or other software).  Are you sure it’s the software causing the blue screens?

Yeah, upon removal the random BSOD’s stopped.

Doesn’t mean it’s the cause…may just be revealing there is another problem with your system and the software is revealing the issue.  You need to research the BSOD codes to be sure.  You can download a free BSOD fileviewer that will show the dumpfile output from Nirsoft here:

Download link as near the bottom of the page and make sure you read the link about making sure your Windows system is set to create BSOD minidump files so they are created and can be read by Nirsoft Bluescreenview.