Backup software for Ventura?

I’ve got a My Passport drive, and was using the Acronis True Image software for backups.
Now I get a notification that it isn’t compatible with Ventura, and that I should upgrade Acronis.

I poked around their web site for too long, and cannot figure out where to get a new version of True Image without buying a subscription. I can’t even tell what their current version is supposed to be, since every set of steps they have includes logging in to some Acronis site, which, again, requires a subscription.

Has anyone figured out how to update this software, which we supposedly have a 5-year license for due to buying the hard drive?

I got my copy from the link above. I clicked on the link “Software for macOS”

I hope that help. It works on my MacBook Air OSX 13.2.1

That is an older version than the one that came on the drive, and the system won’t let me install it.