Backup Software - Anyone else having problems writing to Green Drives?

For most of my systems I use the NovaStor products.  I recently added a 2.5TB Green drive to my primary desktop for the express purpose as a destination device to backup my primary drive.  I seem to be able to copy files from the primary drive to teh backup drive without any issues.

However, when I run a full backup job it will predictably fail when the software has completed backing up 289GB (another 500GB still to go).  If I exclude say my virtual machines and re-run the backup it will again fail at the 289GB mark.  After going around and round with NovaStor tech support I decided to give Shadow Protect Desktop a try and it too fails.  The good thing is it provides more details on the failure, see below:

08-Sep-2011 19:58:40    sbfile    108    retrying file write after error (-31 A device attached to the system is not functioning.)
08-Sep-2011 19:58:48    sbfile    107    last message repeated 20 time(s)
08-Sep-2011 19:58:48    sbfile    503    Fatal I/O error on D:\ShadowProtect\C_VOL-b001.spf offset 35ed312c00 on write (-31 A device attached to the system is not functioning.)

In reference to the above the destination drive is internal and all connections have been double checked.  The message indicates that the destination drive is unavailable for some unknown reason.

Not willing to accept defeat I installed the WD True Image software and ran that.  I was pleasantly surprised when it ran successfully.

So, here’s my question:  Has WD/Acronis tweaked the their imaging software to better support the Green drives?  If so, do the other backup software vendors need to be aware of some unique properties of teh drive so they can fully support them?  Or does this mean I need to **bleep** it up and purchase the full version of Acronis so I can run my unattended backups?  Or perhaps there is another option I’m missing…Open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks - Jack


As per your description you have a soon to be faulty drive, can you please run the Western Digital DLG application this one is available for download at