Backup / Smartware or Sync with 0 extra copies saved on My Cloud

I am very new (7 days) to WD software and My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

Problem. I am a photographer who on a shoot will produce more than 250 photographs, each photograph running at approx. 50 Megs each (Canon cr2). During the work flow process of editing these files they are copied and edited many times. Including deleting and directory / file re-naming.

I don’t need to keep any copy at all on the My Cloud. All I need are the final edited photographs in their respective folders. And if I do accidently delete a file or folder, that’s why we have a recycle bin on the local machine. I do not want to waste disk space on the My Cloud device.

I have set the software to “keep” one copy (from the default of 5), but that is still one too many. This morning I discovered that maybe the WD Sync software would be better, but that saves “5” copies and there is no setting (that I could find) to set “0”.

The silly thing is, if I could set number of copies to “0”, rather than the options 1 to 5, I would have what I need.

Anyone know if I have this all totally wrong, or is there a solution.

Many Thanks … Nigel


At the moment, there’s no option that allows you to set that on the WD Software.

As a recommendation, add this to the ideas board to see if that can be implemented on a future update.

Thank you. I have done as you suggested.


p.s. Other than this, really happy with the product.